2011 - 2012 Reporting Processes

Report Card processes have been outlined below. Progress reports should still be sent home on a regular basis. Directions for running progress reports can still be found on the "Reporting Process Nov 2010" page.


Grade 1 Student Report 110830.doc
Grade 2 Student Report 110830.doc
Grade 3 Student Report 110830.doc
Grade 4 Student Report 110830.doc
Grade 5 Student Report 110830.doc

Reminders for Middle Level Course Instructor

Middle Level Reporting Process November 2011.docx Instructions

Middle Level Report Card Process.wmv Video

1. Follow the instructions above or watch the video to add Final Grade, Learning Program and Learning Behaviours to Power TeacherGradebook Courses.

2. Note: Final Grade, Learning Program and Learning Behaviour columns may not appear at the left of the Final Grade window for some courses. They may appear at the middle or end of the outcome list.

3. Reminder: Report on outcomes by attaching outcomes to your assignments in PowerTeacher Gradebook. Enter the outcome score in the outcome column beside te student name. Do not add scores to the assignment column. Scores entered in the assignment column will appear as a %.

Reminders for Secondary Level Course Instructors

Final Grade Calculation Setup.docx

Add Final Grade Comments ~ Secondary Level.docx

Final Grade Completion Process ~ Notify secretaries to Print Reports.docx

1. Secretaries will be printing a one page Report Card from Power School for the Quarter reports.

2. These templates report the Y1, S1 or S2 grade. If you are using category weighting make sure you set up Category Weights for S1, S2 or Y1 first than copy this set up into Q1, Q2, Q3 or Q4 respectively. Refer to the Final Grade Calculation Setup directions above for directions.

3. To add a Final Grade Comment that you would like to appear on the Student Report Card please refer to the directions for adding a final grade comment.

4. When you have checked your final grades and added final grade comments please follow the Final Grade Completion Process to indicate to your secretary that you have completed this process: