video-icon.jpgPower Teacher Gradebook (PTGB) basics Training Videos

The following tutorial videos were created to demonstrate the basics skills required for using Power Teacher Gradebook.
Training videos specific to elementary, middle and secondary level can be accessed on the Gradebook Training Series page.

1. Launching Gradebook.wmv (1:43)
This quick tutorial will show you how to access the Gradebook through PowerTeacher.
Please note: this screencast was created prior to the development of the current Sun West webpage.
To access the online PowerTeacher link, choose: STAFF - POWER SCHOOL - POWER TEACHER
2. Quick Tour of the Power Teacher Gradebook Window.wmv (2:50)

3. Creating Categories.wmv

4. Entering Assignments.wmv

5. Link Outcomes (Standards) to Assignments.wmv

6. Entering Scores.wmv

7. Copy Assignments.wmv 2011

8. Printing a Report (coming soon)

9. Reporting Process for Students on Individualized Programs (coming soon)

10. Manually Overriding a Final Grade (doc)

11. Parent Portal View - (5:27)
Exploring how parents view individual assignments in the Parent Portal. Teachers can change settings to allow parents to view individual assignments.

MARQUE_5_MARQUE_3_MustHave_logo.jpg Directions for Using Power Teacher Gradebook

Introduction to Power Teacher Gradebook.docx
This is a comprehensive print guide for Sun West teachers as they begin navigating through Power Teacher Gradebook. This is a MUST HAVE document!!

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