Frequently Asked Questions

1. Q: What does outcomes based reporting look like in Power Teacher Gradebook?
A: In Power Teacher Gradebook, teachers select the appropriate standard (outcome) to be assessed on each assignment. When they enter student scores for the standards (outcomes) on that assignment Power Teacher gradebook automatically calculates a standards (outcome) final grade. The calculation method can be configured, and there are a variety of grading options available, derived from best practices in standards (outcomes) based reporting.

· Teachers enter assignments and link targeted outcomes to the assignments
· Assignments may be either formative (not included in final grade) or summative (included in final grade)
· Separate rubric scores (Levels 1-5) must be entered for each outcome.
· All outcome scores appear in final grades regardless of whether the assignment they are attached to was designated formative or summative.

2. Q: Do we need to enter scores for assignments or could we just enter scores for outcomes?
A: Grade 1 – 5 reports are strictly outcomes based. Student progress is not reported by percentage. Therefore at the Grade 1-5 Level it is not necessary to enter an assignment score in Power Teacher Gradebook. The outcome(standard) score must be entered. Any class that requires a percentage score to report the final grade must enter an assignment score.

3. Q: Do we have to attach a number grade to our formative assessments or just to the summative assessments?
A: If we believe that assessment and evaluation should provide feedback to students to inform them of what they are doing well and what they need to work on then information on formative assessments should be included in Power Teacher Gradebook.

4. Q: Which report will indicate assignments that are late?
A: The report that is used for Progress Reports

5. Q: Which reports will be used for progress reports?
A: The November Reporting Instructions outline the reports and criteria settings that are to be used for Progress Reports.

6. Q: How do you add comments to final grade scores?
A: Right click on final grade and insert comment. Teacher Comments

7. Q: What is citizenship?
A: Ignore Citizenship for now. It is a part of the Power Teacher Gradebook program that we are not using?

8. Q: What is the extra points option in the Assignments set up?
A: Extra Points option is available but not an option we should use.

9. Q: Who sets the default Grade Scale?
A: The default grade scale is set at the Division Level

10. Q: How can we indicate if students have special adaptations or accommodations?
A: Indicate if a student’s program is enriched, reduced or supported in the comment section.

11. Q: What if reports are not displaying student information?
A: This is typical when a student is removed from a course and then re-enrolled. Teacher needs to go to Tools and choose “Recalculate Final Scores”

12. Q: Can we copy year end courses from 1 year to the next?
A: Yes. All the courses you are currently teaching or have taught will appear in your course list. Assignments may be copied from one course to another.

13. Q: Is there a way to link or attach specific assignments to student groups in Power Teacher Gradebook?
A: Assign the assignment to all the students and exempt the students who that assignment does not pertain to. If you exempt a student from an assignment and don’t enter a score, the assignment will not show in the quick lookup score pages for that student.

14. Q: Why do some courses show running fractions 35/100 while others do not?
A: It depends on how you have Course Weighting set up. When category weighting or term weighting is used, there is not a concept of points earned, because weights are being applied. N/A is what is supposed to show in these cases.