The following videos were created in the fall of 2012 to support the full implementation of the Elementary Report Card. If there are additional screencasts that you would like to see appear on this page, please contact .

Training videos specific to elementary, middle and secondary level can be accessed on the Gradebook Training Series page.

report card.pngThe Elementary Report Card has been loaded into Power School and will be used to report student progress for Grades 1-5.
This report was created using a feature in Power School called the Objects Based report. The video below will walk you through the report card and the process involved in creating the report.
Sun West's Elementary Report Card - Overview (6:01) This video provides a walk through of the Elementary Report Card as well as some information into the process of creating this report.

1. Changing Gradebook Preferences (4:06)
Customizing settings in the scoresheet
2. Creating Categories.wmv
The Basics of Creating Categories
3. Creating Categories - (4:49)
Suggestions for setting up categories in Elementary Grades
4. Adding Learning Behaviours and Learning Program (4:21)
Entering Learning Behaviours and the Learning Program for the Elementary Report Card
5. Using the Student View - The Math Behind the Grade (4:43)
Explains how the Final Grade for each outcome is calculated in the Elementary Report Card
6. Adding Overall Term Comments to the Elementary Report Card (1:10)
A quick explanation of how to add the term comments that appear on page two of the Sun West Elementary Report Card.
7. Adding Final Term Comments by Subject (Parent Portal View Only) (2:53)
Even though final comments by subject will not appear on the report card, they will appear through the Parent Portal.
8. Parent Portal View and how to change your scores to not show percentages - (5:27)
This video explores what parents see; the why and how we as teachers can change settings to allow parents to view individual assignments.