Creating Categories that Reflect Saskatchewan Curriculum

This page contains information on setting up categories for:
  • Outcomes based report cards for Grades 1-9
  • Secondary report cards which report by percentage

According to best assessment practices, teachers in Sun West will report on renewed curricular outcomes. Assignments must be linked to these outcomes and learning behaviours (e.g. attitude, work ethic, participation) are reported separately.

Elementary and Middle Level Category Set Up (Grades 1-5; 6-9)
project quiz test.JPG

Traditional teacher gradebooks are set up by assessment tool rather than by curricular outcome.

For example, in the past, teachers would organize their categories by quizzes, homework, labs, and projects. These are assessment tools and do not provide an accurate gauge of how students are doing within the curriculum. The categories provide a system for you the teacher. You can think of the categories as a way to organize what you are sharing in your gradebook.

One thing to note...when you set up your categories you can set them up to include the scoring process used to get rid of percentages. Set possible points to 0 and set extra points to 5. This way, when you create your assignment and attach it to a category, it will default to your setting.

However, updated assessment practices have seen a shift in how teachers report to parents so that the information presented is meaningful and accurate. Now, teachers may choose to report by goals, units, strands (e.g. ELA - Comprehend and Respond, Compose and Create, Assess and Reflect.)

categories 1.JPGcateories 2.JPGcategories 3.JPGStrands in ELA.jpgELA.png

Below is a sample for our Kindergarten Teachers to begin from.

In Math, teachers may choose to report by outcome (WA 10.1, 10.2, etc.) or by larger concept (e.g Numeracy, Shape and Space, Probability, etc.) Below is a video which demonstrates possible category set up.

Math Sample WA.pngHighschool math.png

Secondary Category Set Up (Grades 10-12)

In the fall of 2013, Jade Ballek hosted an online webinar which walked teachers though the set up process. This webinar provides teachers with options for setting up Gradebook that reflect best assessment practices. The session recording is provided here (25 minutes).